Rate Cap on Payday Loans Not Making It To the Ballot In Missouri

It seems that, for now anyway, interest rates will stay the same for payday loans in Missouri. Supporters of a rate cap have given up trying to get the initiative on the ballot. In the end, it was the funding that made the difference. The law, which would cap the interest rates on payday loans […]

California Considering an Increase In Payday Loan Limits

In California, a bill to increase payday lending limits in the state has been dormant since last summer when it was passed with support from both parties. However, Assemblyman Charles Calderon, a democrat, is trying to revive the bill in the Senate. Consumer advocates maintain that if this does happen, the bill must be amended […]

Websites Offer Virtual Coupons for Payday Loans

These days there are an insane amount of ways to get discounts on virtually everything. Manufacturer’s coupons are still huge, social couponing sites offer deep discounts on everything from services to beach vacations, and there are multiple sites that offer online discount codes for thousands of goods and services sold online every day. One discount […]