About Us

The purpose of this website is to keep consumers informed about payday loan laws. We will also help the consumers to understand the terminology used in this industry and what their rights are. It will also explain what some of the repercussions of non-payment may be and what your obligations as the consumer are to the payday loan company.

Theresa Smith has over 10 years’ experience in finance. She is a certified tax accountant and has also worked several years in the personal loan industry. After 4 years in the personal loan industry she switched gears to the debt recovery side of the financial industry, where she remains. She has made it her mission to help people that have fell prey to the personal loan industry to get out of debt. She also does volunteer debt counseling for low income people in her area. Theresa Smith is also the writer of this blog as she incorporates her skill for finance and writing to help others with their finances.