Websites Offer Virtual Coupons for Payday Loans

These days there are an insane amount of ways to get discounts on virtually everything.  Manufacturer’s coupons are still huge, social couponing sites offer deep discounts on everything from services to beach vacations, and there are multiple sites that offer online discount codes for thousands of goods and services sold online every day.  One discount promotion code site has taken it a step further and now offers discount codes for online payday loans.


Bluepromocode is a new but rapidly growing site offering a database of deals, promo codes and discounts for multiple products and services.  The newest category of codes includes promo codes for payday lending sites.  Codes for these sites offer cash back offers and various discounts from multiple online lenders that offer the standard small dollar amount, short-term payday loan to those needing fast cash.

The rapidly growing demand for payday loans in the United States convinced Bluepromocode that there was definitely a market for this.  Not just any payday loan site gets in though.  They realize that advertising payday lenders could get sticky with all of the potential for shady lending practices.  It stands to reason that the combination of exploding growth and potential for unscrupulous actions would make it difficult to find reliable payday lending sources online.  Bluepromocode thoroughly checks each and every one they offer codes for, allowing their customers the security of knowing they are saving money and choosing a great service provider.

Each lender is carefully checked and verified before they are even added to this list.  The process includes ensuring the company has a good record and plenty of good customer reviews.  There are promo codes for several well-known payday lending companies, and some that are a little less traditional.  For example, one lender listed lends up to $3,000, which is more than the standard for the industry.  Codes for various lending companies include up to 50%  off of application fees, $200 to $500 off of first loans, and other similar discounts.

The loan process does not change.  Bluepromocode has no say in approval or amount.  They simply list what they consider to be reliable sources of payday lending services, and provide promotional codes to help borrowers get as much as they can for as little as possible.  Online promotional codes for payday lending are a revolutionary idea, and it is how one company is capitalizing on the relatively new trend of online payday lending.  They help consumers find reliable services and actually save money on borrowing funds at the same time.

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